Our Services

Our main goal is to satisfy your immediate staffing needs. Are you satisfied? What do we need to do to solve your needs, right now? The services we offer are customized to fulfill those motivations and your needs. Contact us now to get started working together to solve your staffing needs!

Staffing/ Placement

Our staffing team will search extensively and expansively to provide you with a multitude of teachers that are ready to start educating immediately. We are here to place educators in your centers, with accuracy and precision per your requirements. For all staffing inquiries please contact us immediately at info@aandecareers.com

What Will A&E Do For My Center?

As a business organization if you are struggling to find educators that will meet your requirements as well as the state licensing requirements, we will, at your request, take over the process to get you what you need. We focus on providing ready to hire permanent educators to fulfill your needs. We know that the process of searching for educators can be stressful while maintaining the needs of the center or preschool, so we want to perform that search for you and provide you with educators that exceed your expectations. Our expert staffing team knows just what to look for when conducting a search for talent within the early childhood education field, we are a team of experienced teachers, site supervisors and directors that know exactly what it takes to be a great educator.

Why choose permanent placement over temporary staffing?

You will save time and money! We'll search for the educators which leaves you with more time to focus on your center. With our services, we provide permanent staffing solutions, therefore, you will only pay a one time fee. With temporary staffing, especially for an extended period of time, you will pay more than 3 times as much as you would for a permanent staffing solution. We're saving your money! For more pricing inquiries please contact info@aandecareers.com.